APRIL 2011
Back L-R: Bill Ryan, Mike Kies, Larry Souza, Robert Reed, Ali Muñiz, Vicki Bingham
Middle L-R: Cindy Souza (Founder), Debbie Ryan, Debbi Irvine, Jan Chambers, Collene Kuznicki, Rachel Bradley, Laura Whitcomb, Eden Francis, Perry Francis & Reed Francis
Front L-R: Bernard Danylchuk, Grace Francis, Matthew Hammerly, Susan Barker
Not pictured: Cyn Skyberg, George Kunz, Kristi Kvistad, Lisa Cromwell.

Sherwood Renaissance Singers was formed as a quartet in 1996. That year we began performing at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire, then held in Philomath, Oregon. Since then we have grown to a group of 18 singers, mostly from Sherwood, Oregon and surrounding areas. We perform at Renaissance Faires and other venues throughout Oregon and Washington during the summer months.

We sing madrigals and other forms of renaissance vocal music with up to six parts, in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. Our repertoire contains love songs, and songs of merriment, poignancy and sorrow. Our CD's are available from cdbaby.com: Our latest, "Good day, Dear Heart" was released in 2014, and our previous CD, "PRETENCE and Whimsey", recorded in 2007, is also still available.

Song Lyrics    |   Purchase our CD, Pretence and Whimsey from cdbaby.com

2016 Performance Schedule

May 7  -  Portland Saturday Market, Portland, Oregon.

May 14 & 15  -  Faire In The Grove, McMenamin's Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon.

June 4  -  Altered Art Festival, Sherwood, Oregon.

July 15 & 16  -  Robin Hood Festival, Sherwood, Oregon.

July 23 & 24, July 30 & 31  -  Canterbury Renaissance Faire, Silverton, Oregon.

August 6  -  Beaverton Farmers Market, Beaverton, Oregon.

September 10 & 11  -  Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire, King's Valley, near Corvallis, Oregon.

September 24 & 25  -  Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire, Richland, Washington.

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